Normal Eco-Coffin

LifeArt Eco-Coffin

Special Eco-Coffin

LifeArt Eco-Coffin

Top-grade Eco-Coffin

TWGHs International Funeral Parlour is the first organization purchasing the reasonable and elegant eco-coffin.

Materials: Made with eco-honeycomb cardboard, which can support the weight of 150 kilogram, suitable for Cremation.

Benefits of Eco-coffin:

  • Reduce the cut down of trees
  • Made with simple materials which can reduce the impurities of human ashes
  • Minimize the emissions in the course of cremation
  • Shorter time for cremation which save the energy effectively
  • Price and quality are reliable and affordable

For detail, please contact the staff of Internation Funeral Parlour、Diamond Hill Funeral Parlour and Global Funeral Parlour.

Photo above is for reference only. The standard product is based on real object.