Background & Development

North Point Funeral Parlour

Since 1971, the former International Funeral Parlour, North Point Funeral Parlour, became the first non-profit funeral parlour in Hong Kong for 2 year contracts.


Yau Ma Tei Funeral Parlour

Since 1971, TWGHs subsided around $600,000 to rebuild the funeral hall of Kwong Wah Hospital as Yau Ma Tei Funeral Parlour. The service was closed during 1977.


Sheung Wah Funeral Parlour

The hostel inside Tung Wah Hospital was rebuilt as Sheung Wah Funeral Parlour since 1974. The service was closed since 1977.


Diamond Hill Funeral Parlour

Diamond Hill Funeral Parlour commenced operation in 1977 and underwent an extensive renovation in 2009.


International Funeral Parlour

International Funeral Parlour was launched in 1980.


Global Funeral Parlour

Hung Hom Public Funeral Parlour, renamed as Global Funeral Parlour, is awarded the right of operation starting from November 1, 2018 to October 31, 2023.